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Thrush and lark hunting Romania: hunting periods and techniques, hunting tradition.

Our agency proposes the tasty Romanian lark hunting. It has invested in this by searching for suitable places for this type of hunting, which is very popular with hunters but at the same time it has wanted to provide an exciting afternoon filling of good level hunting on thrushes that are very present in Romania during the migration period.

Here the hunting techniques applied are the traditional Italian ones, also because this type of game is not of interest to Romanian hunters and therefore they are not a species threatened by the locals and there are no traditional Romanian hunting techniques.

The morning is therefore spent hunting larks in the plains and then moves on to other areas that are constantly monitored by our staff present in Romans for the afternoon thrush hunt that takes place in stalking upon return or chasing away.

Since October 15 the hunt for larks and thrushes in Romans is truly profitable and highly satisfying.


Sassetti Country Sports
Our proposal for lark hunting in Romania


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