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Geese Scotland: migration, hunting periods and techniques, hunting tradition.

Geese are a constant presence in the land of Scotland and consequently goose hunting is one of the most solid hunting traditions of this land.

Since 1986 Sassetti Country Sports has been accompanying hunters on the hunt for geese every morning and every morning regularly gives new surprises and opportunities, emotions that are always different, capable of bewitching anyone who approaches this hunting practice.

Scotland geese hunting takes place mainly on wheat or barley fields whose stubble is left standing for a long time and on which the geese come to feed. This geese hunt alternates with that practiced on potato fields or on recently sown wheat and barley fields.

Sassetti Country Sports, is equipped with molds, sheds and seats and everything that makes this Scottish hunt easy and profitable.

The period for hunting geese is quite long also because the geese present in Scotland belong to different species.

It starts in September and October with the majestic Canadian geese which overlap in the latter part of the period and up to January with the pinkfoot geese .... a hunting myth Scotland.


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